Meet Our People

Chirag Gautam, Area Manager, Crop Production

"It's a gateway to career opportunities. In such a short span of my career, I have learnt enormously from international exposure, high performance culture and the faith of company on young talent."

Divakar Rai, Regional Manager, Crop Production

"This is the place that encourages you to choose your own passion. Every day there is a new challenge and possibility."

Dr. Indira Dhumne, Senior Manager, Minitubers Facility

"It's truly enriching experience to work at Mahindra HZPC. Wholesome international exposure, global work culture and freedom to experiment. What else do I need as a young professional? It's one of my dream place to work.

Kuldeep Singh Bishnoi, Chief Financial Officer

"Mahindra HZPC has provided me the platform to perform in the organization which brought the best out of me. The freedom to innovate & execute gives me a great sense of accomplishment at my work."

Baljeet Singh Gill, Area Manager, Sales & Marketing

"Mahindra HZPC not only hone your professional skills but it pays similar attention to your personal growth as well, I have spent 5+ years in the organization and would like to continue forever."

Manoj Kumar, Assistant Manager, Logisitics

"A work place with amazingly entrepreneurial culture. I appreciate the high ethical standards and empowering environment."