"What you sow, shall you reap" this ancient proverb is so apt and suitable even in today's world. Farmer can use best of mechanization, plant protection measure, fertilizer but if seed is not good quality then every effort done by farmer is in vein. Pure seed in ample quantity is a prerequisite of prosperous potato farming.

Aeroponic is an answer to all these problems and provide infinite possibilities. Aeroponic is a technology which produces potato in air without soil. Aeroponic is a science and art of producing pure, disease and pest free seeds. But this is a long lengthy and tedious process. It starts from the tissue culture lab and ends to farmer's field.

Tissue culture is a modern science in which plants can be produced from any cells of the plants parts. These tissues are grown in a laboratory made medium which is very similar to plants own juice. It gives cells a very conducive environment to grow abundantly and develop the profusely. These plants are provided with all natural lights, humidity and temperature. Plants are grown in to a very clean sterile environments.Tissue culture plants are then further taken to green houses for aeroponic growth.These Plants are grown without any natural or artificial medium to keep away any soil borne diseases.

OurAeroponicfacility is equipped with state of the art quality control lab to check all the plants we grow in green houses. They are checked on quality parameters of diseases, growth, nutrition and only the best plants are planted in green houses to produces best tubers.